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8 Week Meditation Online Course for Healing Cancer

Are you doing everything you could be to make sure you get the best result possible?

Healing from cancer is not easy. It takes time, effort, alot of hard work and expense, and unfortunately, not all survive. To have a successful outcome you have to take this journey into your own hands and go above and beyond. Your life really does depend on it.

I understand this, I was there. Over a two year period I had 3 relapses, my cancer spread, and at my worst I had a 9cm x 8cm x 3cm tumour in my abdomen, 2 tumours in my chest, 2 under my collar bone, 1 in my neck and 1 in my lung. Things were looking very bleak for me and my cancer had became chemotherapy resistant to top it all off. 

It was at this point I had to ask myself the question, "What am I missing?" It became obvious to me that it wasn't just about what I was doing to my body to make it get better - my medicines, vitamins, minerals, herbs and diet. 

What are you missing in your healing journey?

For me, stress played a crucial role in why I got unwell and it was a major roadblock to me getting well. I was a business owner and a young father, I had to overcome the stress in my life. The key for me was setting up a low stress environment that was conducive to healing and getting the outcome I wanted - to be cancer free. 

When I learnt how to create the optimal internal environment for healing through meditation and mindfulness everything changed for me and it can for you too.

Imagine being able to enhance your treatment outcomes, knowing that you are doing everything you can to get the best result possible. To ensure the best outcome possible, you must go above and beyond what "Average Joe" does and create your own statistics... 

It is possible. Mindfulness and meditation can help you to achieve this. And this is something that is truly possible for you to master. Let me show you how.

  “But I can’t meditate, I’ve tried,” I hear you say. 

“My mind just won’t switch off”... 

I’ve heard this hundreds of times before and I’ve guided these people to see for themselves that it is absolutely possible. Once you understand what is happening in the mind, you have realistic expectations of meditation, and then learn and apply the time tested techniques to master the mind, it’s easy. You won’t believe how easy it actually is!  

Your Journey Starts Now

"I guarantee this course is going to expand your sense of what's possible for your health and healing. From basic principles and advanced techniques to in-depth neuroscience, I'm going to give you all the tools and knowledge you need to develop a successful meditation practice that will help you to heal from cancer just like it did for me. This course will be one of the most important courses you may ever take."

Edward Enever 

Naturopath | Cancer Coach | Meditation Teacher

Three Time Cancer Survivor

What others are saying:

"You just know when you meet one of life's true healers. Edward is real, honest, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable and I know that he really gets it. I thank you Edward, I feel blessed that I was able to find you. I have so much more to learn from you and can't wait to continue to find the health and life within with your guidance." - Fiona P, Maidavale, WA

"I know it is still early days and nothing can be taken for granted, but looking to the future I am going forward – not with fear, but quietly confident of the efficacy of the treatment I’m undergoing. Regardless of what transpires in the future – I am more than happy with my decision." - Peter S, Parkwood WA  

"I have never practiced meditation before, and you have helped me understand the why as well as the how. I never thought of myself as stressed but you have allowed me to see that I have been storing stress and emotions in my body and they have been hindering my healing. One of the most powerful messages was about believing that I can be well and that I am well already!" - Rocheen N, Bunbury, WA

"The material you have provided on this course is wonderful and I have enjoyed every single video. The content covered made it easy to understand and gave choices as to styles of meditation. I particularly love the healing visualisation meditation - for me I really get the sensation of working through my body with the golden light which lights up in my mind as I work through to the problem areas and around those areas - this is the meditation I am drawn to almost daily and I thank you for your guidance with that. I am fortunate that I have this opportunity to understand my body more and learn all these amazing techniques to enable me to end the dance with my cancer and have it retire for good." - Sue N, New Zealand

"Eddie, has walked the walk as well and experienced horrendous cancer issues and overcome them all. His guidance for me was immeasurable and the calmness in his approach settled me down and gave me the confidence and knowledge to heal myself. I credit Eddie for giving me the tools to live a healthy, fit and peaceful life, thank you Edward." - John C, Perth, WA  

This course is an 8 week exploration into the the art, science and essence of meditation and mindfulness and how it applies to healing from cancer. Each week you will be delivered high quality video content that takes you deeper and deeper into a calmer, more peaceful and less stressed state, enhancing your healing journey. This course contains over three hours of guided meditations along with an in-depth, inspiring exploration into the science and techniques used by a trained and experienced practictioner of meditation who's actually been down the path with cancer and survived.

Here's what we'll explore together...

MODULE ONE (95 mins) 

Meditation basics and setting you up for success

Having a strong foundation is important in all you do. In this module we will cover all the basics and set you up with realistic expectations to ensure success.

MODULE TWO (82 mins) 

Styles of meditation and healing visualisation  

There are many styles of meditation, but which one should you use? In this module we explore the variety of styles to find which suits you best and also I give you an amazing guided healing visualisation meditation.

MODULE THREE (115 mins)  

Understanding your worst enemy  

To fully appreciate the power of meditation to heal you must fully understand stress. This module is a deep dive into the chemistry of stress and the science of what occurs in our body when we meditate.

MODULE FOUR (62 mins)  

The neuroscience of stress and meditation 

Stress is a major, full body phsiological event in the body and brain. In this module we explore the neuroscience of stress and the amazing changes that occur in the brain when we meditate.

MODULE FIVE (102 mins)

Mind-Body medicine  

You have more power within than you probably realise. This power can be use to heal, or used to hold your healing back. In this module we explore the placebo and nocebo effect as well as the science of Epi-Genetics.

MODULE SIX (69 mins)

Resistance, re-connecting and coming home  

Getting out of our head and back into our body and heart is critical for healing. In this module we begin the journey to re-connecting to our emotions and our-self by understanding the nature of the mind and our thoughts.

MODULE SEVEN (60 mins)

Attend, connect and express  

This module explores the emotional body, repressed emotion and teaches you the essential skills for releasing these toxic emotions for healing. This module contains two very powerful guided meditations.

MODULE EIGHT (71 mins)

Present moment awareness, mindfulness and beyond

Out of meditation develops a strong sense of self and present moment awareness that permeates our life. This module explores how this touches our life and we wrap up the course looking towards the future.

Take control of your journey and Unlock The Power Within 

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