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Naturopathic Oncology Yoga  

Online Specially Crafted Yoga Flow Series for Healing Cancer

Are you doing everything you could be to make sure you get the best result possible?

The Your Hero's Journey Naturopathic Yoga for Cancer Patients Series is a specific set of totally ONLINE yoga flows for you to follow along to designed specifically for cancer patients or anyone battling a chronic health complaint.​

This series is a gentle, deeply nourishing, heart opening series perfect for  the complete novice or someone with prior experience with yoga.

What's Included:

All this is instantly delivered to your inbox so you can begin straight away in the comfort of your own lounge room. Be guided expertly by Amy Mingin though this specifically crafted series of Oncology Yoga poses.

Foundation Series

This series is the essential building blocks of the longer flows also included in this program. No matter how limited your capability is, these gentle flows are designed to help you to be able string together poses to form a daily routine perfect for you.


Seated Foundation Flow (10 minutes)

This flow will guide you through the foundations of the seated positions in the series. If you are in pain and it hurts to stand then these positions are great for either in a seat or on the ground seated.


Lying Foundations Flow (10 minutes)

This flow will guide you through the foundations of the lying down positions in the series. If you are in pain and it hurts to stand, or you are bed ridden, then these positions are great for either to do either in bed or on the floor.


Standing Foundations Flow (10 minutes)

This flow will guide you through the foundations of the standing positions in the series.

Slow Flow Feeling (20 minutes)

This flow is a deeply nourishing, gentle flow that hits all the spots for stretching your muscles out, opening up your energetic centres and opening the heart to healing.This flow is designed for the cancer journey with its ups and downs, the anxiety and the stress. A beautiful daily practice.

Foundation Flow (30 minutes)

This flow is a combination of all the flows in this series. It’s a little more of a challenge, especially for weaker individuals, as its longer and goes through the whole body, lengthening it, releasing it and opening it to healing.

Click below to watch a demo of the Yoga Flows in action


Your Journey Starts Now

"Developing an non-negotiable daily Self-care routine is essential if you want to heal from cancer. This series is a beautiful inclusion into that Self-care routine. It's heart opening, gentle, deep and nourishing. Everything a cancer patient needs, even if your mobility is limited, Amy expertly guides you through each pose. I hope you enjoy!"

Eddie Enever 

Naturopath | Cancer Coach | Meditation Teacher

Three Time Cancer Survivor

What others are saying:

"You just know when you meet one of life's true healers. Edward is real, honest, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable and I know that he really gets it. I thank you Edward, I feel blessed that I was able to find you. I have so much more to learn from you and can't wait to continue to find the health and life within with your guidance." - Fiona P, Maidavale, WA

"I know it is still early days and nothing can be taken for granted, but looking to the future I am going forward – not with fear, but quietly confident of the efficacy of the treatment I’m undergoing. Regardless of what transpires in the future – I am more than happy with my decision." - Peter S, Parkwood WA  

"I have never practiced meditation before, and you have helped me understand the why as well as the how. I never thought of myself as stressed but you have allowed me to see that I have been storing stress and emotions in my body and they have been hindering my healing. One of the most powerful messages was about believing that I can be well and that I am well already!" - Rocheen N, Bunbury, WA

"The material you have provided on this course is wonderful and I have enjoyed every single video. The content covered made it easy to understand and gave choices as to styles of meditation. I particularly love the healing visualisation meditation - for me I really get the sensation of working through my body with the golden light which lights up in my mind as I work through to the problem areas and around those areas - this is the meditation I am drawn to almost daily and I thank you for your guidance with that. I am fortunate that I have this opportunity to understand my body more and learn all these amazing techniques to enable me to end the dance with my cancer and have it retire for good." - Sue N, New Zealand

"Eddie, has walked the walk as well and experienced horrendous cancer issues and overcome them all. His guidance for me was immeasurable and the calmness in his approach settled me down and gave me the confidence and knowledge to heal myself. I credit Eddie for giving me the tools to live a healthy, fit and peaceful life, thank you Edward." - John C, Perth, WA  

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