Complete, ready to plug-in Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation Course AND Workshop for you to integrate into your existing business.

After three, you heard that right, THREE days training you can immediately start offering an eight week course AND a six hour workshop. EVERYTHING is ready for you to start delivering these life-changing skills to your own students.


Who is this teacher training for?

Maintaining the integrity of this course and the way it is delivered is critical to ensuring the success of the program and its impact on a growing number of students. For this reason, places on this teacher training course are by application only.

We're looking for people who are passionate, inspiring and genuinely walk their talk.

If you're a health practitioner of any kind such as a psychologist, therapist, business or life coach, naturopath, nutritionist, PT or gym instructor, and ready to increase your capacity to positively impact more lives then we invite you to APPLY NOW.

Courses are strictly limited to 10 places per intake.

So, what's included in this teacher training?

This 3 day intensive training course includes all the materials you'll need to easily integrate 2 new offerings into your existing business, allowing you to immediately increase your capacity to positively and holistically impact lives and increase your earning potential. In addition to learning how to successfully teach others life-changing mindfulness and meditation skills, you'll receive a detailed facilitator's course book, all the presentation materials to deliver an 8 week course and 6 hour workshop to existing and new clients, and marketing support to ensure your success.

A highly comprehensive, ready to plug-in eight week Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation course

Once you have completed this training you will be ready to immediately add to your business offerings an eight week course in breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. You will be able to deliver eight highly informative and inspirational two hour sessions to your students taking them on a journey from a stressed out "up in their head" newbie to a heart-centred, mindfully connected and confident meditator.

A ready to roll out six hour Introduction to Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop

In addition to the comprehensive eight week course, you will also be able to offer a value-packed 6 hour introductory workshop providing a bite-sized taster for those who are just starting to dip their toe in and explore breathwork and meditation practices.

Three days of comprehensive training with a qualified, experienced health professional and practitioner of breathwork, mindfulness and meditation.

We will be spending three full days exploring the content of the course offerings and covering everything you need to know, from the neuroscience underpinning these practices, to the art of communication and delivery, and how to market your courses and workshops effectively to be able to share these valuable tools with more people.

Personalised, professionally designed presentations.

Each facilitator will have their own personally branded (with your logo), professionally designed PowerPoint presentation for the course AND workshop. We've developed these resources to ensure you are supported with high impact, visually appealing slides. Presentation is everything and we want your students to take you seriously!

Beautifully presented, professionally designed student materials.

Your facilitator training package includes professionally designed eBooks to provide to students each week, consolidating on the content covered in the session with homework for the week also in there! This resource ensures your students not only understand the techniques being taught, but also the science behind it all and provides practical steps to help them effectively integrate breathwork and mindful meditation practice into their own lives.

116 page 50,000+ word facilitator manual.

I want next-level extraordinary facilitators teaching this course, so the training also needs to be next-level. You'll receive a hard copy 116 page, 50,000+ word facilitator manual that explains the science, the techniques, and includes meditation scripts - absolutely everything you'll need to make the course easy for you to successfully deliver to your students.

Ongoing Support for Success

I want each and every new facilitator to succeed. When you succeed, we have the power to positively change lives and help more people realise their own potential. As part of this training package current facilitators and course alumni have access to an exclusive online forum, where I provide additional support, updated PowerPoints and student resources as they evolve, as well as the opportunity to access more advanced training and mentoring.


Meet Eddie.

Eddie is a highly experienced naturopath, cancer and chronic disease coach, meditation and breathwork teacher and founder of CSRT (Cold-Stress Resilience Training). To say Eddie has developed strength and resilience in his life is an understatement. Eddie is a three time cancer survivor, he's also had his battles with anxiety and depression, he's been through a marriage break up as well as financial demise, BUT, he got through it all, bounced back and recreated a successful business, a loving relationship with his kids, partner and him-self and has a successful career full of meaning and purpose.

"My personal mission is to raise public awareness of the role of chronic, persistent stress on ALL levels of health. I have experienced first hand how stress can seriously impact your health and happiness. I'm passionate about providing support, skills and resources to help others to better manage stress, improve their health and increase their quality of life."

I recently completed Eddie Enever’s Meditation Teacher Training course and was so thrilled with the amount of content, resources that I was provided with. I loved the intention behind the information that as a Meditation Teacher I will be sharing with the broader public.  This fully aligned with me as I can see how this is integral in complimenting my health coaching business. Knowing how much time and effort it takes to create and design and develop a workshop let alone a full 8 week course, this has totally given me a beautiful framework with all the resources required to run a workshop and course almost immediately. Thank you Eddie, this course was absolutely well worth it! I cant wait to run my first workshop next month!

 - Tracy S. Health Coach, Pilates Instructor

This training is for YOU if want to:



Instantly add an 8 week workshop AND a 6 hour workshop to your offerings. Start marketing today!



Working one to many instead of one to one means more sustainable income with less hours.


Add another stream of income to your business for financial stability and security.



Inspire your clients to better manage their stress, emotions and enhance their health and healing.


Where and when are the training intensives held?

Teacher training in Perth will be running 22 to 24th August, 2020. The dates for training in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne will be announced shortly. Apply to register your interest.

How much should I charge for the offerings?

Depending on your demographic and/or target market, the 6 hour workshop may be offered at between $99 to $149. The 8 week course is designed to be a higher value offering that flows nicely from the workshop. Running regular workshops as an introduction provides a taster that then encourages workshop attendees into the 8 week course to enhance their learning and experience in the skills you are teaching them. The 8 week Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation course must offered at a minimum of $399, representing huge value to your student participants.

How many people should do each workshop and course?

For the workshop, we recommend as many participants as you can confidently manage!! This is an introductory workshop and at the lower price-point, will attract higher numbers. As part of your successful marketing strategy, we want to encourage as many people as possible to experience your workshop. If you rock the workshop and engage participants using the training and presentation strategies I provide, it is natural for a percentage of participants to then enrol in the 8 week course. Ideal numbers for the 8 week course are 8-15 participants.

How much income can I expect to make?

Ahhh, the money question! We need to be rewarded for our time, our skill set, expertise and our unique offering as well as sustain our ability to continue to do this valuable life-changing work. If you were to focus on 10 people for the 8 week course being charged $399 each, then your income for your first course will be $3999. If you factor in running the "success system" marketing AND you run the workshop as a taster prior to the course with 15 people in your workshop, that's an additional $1,485 when offered at $99 per person. Now, Let's say you run this system 6 times a year - that's an extra $30,000+ a year to your income for a total of ONLY 132 contact hours. 132 hours is 5.5 days!!

Will I REALLY be able to run these offerings straight away?

Yes!! EVERYTHING is provided and ready to roll out once you have completed the 3 day training. The PowerPoint presentation slides, your students' eBook resources, the 116 page facilitator's manual to keep you on track and the support system are all provided to make sure you succeed. I actually encourage facilitators-to-be to start marketing their new course offerings 4 weeks before they complete the training!! I'm that confident you will be able to deliver this course.

Your Investment.

I know you've been hanging out to know what this training actually costs!

Pay Up-Front

The total cost of the Teacher Training Package including all resources is $3499 plus GST. We're offering a discounted earlybird price of $3000 plus GST for payment in full before 31st July.

Payment Plan

Did you want the flexibility to pay your course off over time? Pay a $1000 deposit to secure your place and pay the balance in 4 fortnightly installments.

Are you ready yet?

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