Sundays 9:00am - 11:30am in Beautiful Perth Hills Location

7th November to 28th November

Connect | Inspire | Breathe | Meditate | Ice 

To change, something needs to change...

Are you suffering from anxiety, depression or excessive stress in your life? 

Are you sick of the feeling that your monkey-mind is always running the show?

Do you want to experience better physical, mental, emotional and social health?

Do you want to realise your amazing full potential and build superhuman resilience for the rollercoaster that is life? 

Have you been looking for a way to connect to like-minded people that celebrate and encourage you, and grow with a positive and motivating tribe? 

Join Cold Stress Resilience Coach Eddie Enever on his very popular transformative four week journey into the mind, the breath, human behaviour and subzero temperatures. This four week journey consists of FOUR workshops that are designed to inspire and equip you with the knowledge, daily routines and skillset needed to control your nervous system, build your resilience to stress and supercharge your physical health. In between each of the Sunday workshops, stay accountable in our exclusive wolfpack SubZeroHero closed FaceBook group.  


Your Guide

Eddie Enever

Eddie is a highly experienced naturopath, cancer and chronic disease coach, meditation and breathwork teacher and founder of CSRT (Cold-Stress Resilience Training). To say Eddie has developed strength and resilience in his life is an understatement. Eddie is a three time cancer survivor, he's also had his battles with anxiety and depression, he's been through a marriage break up as well as financial demise, BUT, he got through it all, bounced back and recreated a sucessful business, a loving relationship with his kids, partner and him-self and has a successful career full of meaning and purpose. If you are struggling with your mental and emotional health, you're feeling stuck in life, you know you can be a better version of yourself or are struggling with your physical health, Eddie is more than qualified to take you on the journey you need to tread. Eddie's unique intuitive gifts combined with his life experience and years of coaching hundreds of clients in his role as a health professional, allows him to see past the facades to the true person underneath, with their own unique gifts, talents, power and blockages. Eddie has a special way of drawing this out and empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to change their life.  

What others are saying:

"Attending Eddie's CSRT sessions has had such a dramatic impact on my mental and physical wellbeing. Eddie holds a beautiful, safe, gentle space as he guides participants through the breath, meditation and ultimately the ice bath immersion. The first time I sat in the ice my nervous system was over active and I found it very challenging. However with Eddie's support and guidance I have been able to find a place of peace within the experience now which resonates through my life. I'd highly recommend anyone intrigued by what this process can do for them, give it a try. It has proven to myself just how strong I am and that I can be at peace while maintaining my strength and resolve. Thank you Eddie" - Nerida M, Perth, WA

"I first met Eddie when I was invited to his home in the hills to do some meditation. Never having done much meditation I was a little apprehensive but soon found that Eddie has a way of making people feel safe and secure. His guided meditations have helped me get through one of the most difficult periods in my life. Eddie also introduced me to the concept of an ice bath, which I instantly did not want to do. But with Eddie’s support and guidance and unwavering belief in me I have now done at least six ice baths. I cannot speak highly enough of Eddie and what his practices have done for me. Thank you so much Eddie it has been invaluable having you in my corner." - Mark M, Perth, WA 

"You just know when you meet one of life's true healers. Eddie is real, honest, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable and I know that he really gets it. I thank you Eddie, I feel blessed that I was able to find you. I have so much more to learn from you and can't wait to continue to find the health and life within with your guidance." - Fiona P, Maidavale, WA

"Going up to Eddie's is a highlight of my week. Connection, breathwork, meditation and icebath creates such a beautiful experience. Hopping in the icebath is intense for about 30 - 45 seconds then as you bring your breath under control, your body builds up this incredible energy. Then it really becomes about the mind from there. Awesome having people around that support you through it. Afterwards your body is buzzing. So many benefits on so many levels. I cant recommend this highly enough. Eddie is an amazing facilitator, he has an amazing welcoming energy and holds a great supportive space to push you through your barriers." - Adam G, Perth, WA

"Eddie has been amazing in supporting me through an extremely difficult time in my life. His knowledge and understanding of the human body and how to assist in disease prevention and fighting disease has been a pivotal part of my ongoing recovery. I would be happy to recommend Eddie to anyone who is interested in the pursuit of true health." - Quenton L, Doubleview WA

"I started ice bath immersions with Eddie a few month ago and it is one of the best decision I made for myself. After each session I feel energized, stronger and so empowered. Eddie really helped me get through my fears and push myself where I never knew I could go with clear directions and kindness. I am now ice bathing regularly to maintain the amazing physical and mental health benefits provided by the cold exposure. A life changing experience! Thanks Eddie, forever grateful." - Marjo C, Perth, WA

"Eddie is an incredible person to have on your health journey. He has so much knowledge & wisdom that he shares freely and you can truly feel comfortable discussing anything with him. I am very grateful I found his program 12 months ago, he has given me my life back. I can never thankyou enough Eddie!" - Nat F, Woodvale, WA  


The Journey - 4 weeks to SubZeroHero

Workshop 1. (2.5 hours) - 7th November

Creating the foundation. Ensuring success.

We start the journey by exploring what it is to be healthy and build a super solid foundation. We explore why we would want to jump into the ice with a deep dive into hormesis as well as start our exploration into meditation and breathwork setting you up with a daily routine to start training your nervous system. Finally we start our journey into the cold with a 4 degree ice bath. 

Workshop 2. (2.5 hours) - 14th of November 

Diving deep! The science, art and essence of meditation and breathwork  

In this workshop we go deep! We unpack what occurs in the brain and body when we meditate and practice breathwork, we practice the Wim Hof style of breathwork, explore the power of the parasympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response and jump into a 0 degree ice bath to finish us off.

Workshop 3. (2.5 hours) - 21st of November

Deep dive into the human stress response.  

This workshop is all about stress - good stress, bad stress and REALLY bad stress. We unpack anxiety, learn how to become a sitting duck and how we deal with uncomfortable emotions when they come up in life and experience the power of shamanic breathwork. Oh, and of course we will jump into the ice, at minus 2 degrees - getting colder!!!

Workshop 4. (4 hours) - 28th of November

Transformation into a Subzero Hero 

In our final workshop we recap everything we have covered in the program, explore what it is to live a more present and mindful life, and go on a nature immersion experience. From there we finish off the program with a minus 4 degrees C ice bath then a feast fit for ice kings and queens during our graduation celebration!!

Take control of your mind, your breath and your health and happiness with CSRT 

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Workshop Dates: 

7th November | 14th November | 21st November | 28th November

9:00am - 11:30am in Beautiful Perth Hills Location

What you get:

  • Over 11.5 hours of workshop contact hours
  • Exclusive access to the SubZeroHero FaceBook group where each week we will explore different aspects of self, celebrate our successes and voice our challenges
  • 3 x PDF Manuals of the course content
  • Learn 4 styles of Meditation
  • Learn 4 styles of Breathwork
  • Become a part of the exclusive SubZeroHero community
  • Special gift on graduation (secret!!)
  • Ongoing support with a like minded wolfpack cheering you on

Investment : $399.00 (Payment plans available)  




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